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With the trivialization of photography in an age of selfies, latte art, sunsets, and vintage color filters (all of which I love, if I’m being honest), some of the heart and art of the craft seems to be getting lost. As a photographer, do you take the time to identify and understand what really excites you when you find it in front of your lens? Your muse will reveal itself to you, if you take the time to listen. Let your camera be your compass.

Impostor syndrome is the pervasive feeling that you’re faking your way through success, and that your achievements are attributable only to good luck. There is an unsettling, nagging worry that accompanies impostor syndrome, that somehow, someday, someone is going to find out that you’re a great big phony. That you’re really not as really good as you’ve cleverly convinced people that you are. That you’re a fraud. Spoiler alert: you’re not.

Whether you are a photoblogger or use your blog to showcase your writing, photos enhance every story. They are a critical part of the visual appeal of content on the web. You don’t need expensive equipment to create attractive photographs. Here are a few easy ways to improve your photography with simply a phone camera and built-in editing tools.

A habit is a behavior that is performed automatically, because it has been repeated the same way many times. Positive behaviors can become routine, just as detrimental behaviors can. Let’s form a photoblogging habit.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice hobbyist, you’ve likely experienced a feeling of burnout or stagnation in your photography, at least once. In this article, I’ll be sharing five quick tips for breaking out of a photography rut.